Jin Se Yeon spoke about her co-star and love life in a recent interview.

On May 15, Jin Se Yeon shared her thoughts on appearing in TV Chosun’s “Grand Prince.”

She said, “It had been a while since I worked with actors my age, so I was excited on set. I want to work with Yoon Shi Yoon again in a modern drama.”

The actress explained, “Because it was a sageuk [historical drama], it was difficult to adlib. I want to be physically affectionate in a playful, fun way. It was regretful that there weren’t those kinds of moments due to the characteristics of a historical drama. If we work together again in a modern drama, I think we can show how close we are.”

Because Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Shi Yoon played an on-screen couple in love, she receives a lot of questions about the possibility of a real romance between the two actors.

She stated, “I don’t feel burdened. I’m happy that the ‘Hui-Hyun couple’ is getting a lot of interest.” She added that the Hui character in “Grand Prince” closely resembles her ideal type in real life.

The actress continued, “When I see a handsome male character in a drama, I think about how I want to meet that kind of man. I don’t have a special ideal type, but I like someone who’s sweet, warm, and caring.”

Although Jin Se Yeon has had many on-screen relationships, she revealed that she has been mostly single in real life. “I’ve had flings and have gone on dates, but I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I’ve been a couple with someone to the point of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.” said the actress. “But, I think the term ‘single since birth’ [for me] would be a bit exaggerated.”

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