Jinusean’s Sean revealed a picture of his new daughter, Hael, for the first time today on his Twitter page. “Let me introduce you to our Hael, the little Chung Hye Young. Daddy prays that you will not only have mommy’s beautiful face, but also her warm heart,” Sean wrote with the picture.

In the photo, Sean and Chung Hye Young’s second daughter (fourth child) Hael is seen with a big smile. She was born just over a month ago but she has strikingly similar features as her mother.

Netiznes have commented, “This just brought a smile to my face,” “She’s so pretty and looks exactly like her mom,” and “Such an adorable baby.”

Sean and Chung Hye Young got married in 2004. They have four children, HaEum, Harang, Hayul, and Hael. Sean has not been involved in much musical activities lately, and instead spending most of his time on charity works with his wife. Most recently, he made a visit to Park Seung Il, the former basketball coach fighting the Lou Gehrig’s disease, with Big Bang’s G-Dragon.