On August 1, the sixth episode of “Jinwoon’s Diary” was released on Big Hit Entertainment’s YouTube Channel.

These video diaries are part of 2AM Jinwoon’s preparation for his first solo rock album. Previously we posted about “JinWoon’s Diary #5” in which he and his band mates had a rehearsal for the Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 31st.

The title of this new diary is “Rising To The Stage of Dream” and is once again narrated by Jinwoon himself. It shows him on stage at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival. He made his solo debut performance and received a warm welcome from the audience.

He performed five songs at the festival including two new songs that he wrote himself and are available on his album. The three other songs were unreleased songs from rock band Guckkasten and Yoon Do Hyun.

Jo Kwon leader of 2AM also give his support by tweeted, “Jinwoon’s song, “You Walking Towards Me” is really good..“.

Do not forget to support Jinwoon by purchasing his debut album HERE. Check out also his website http://jinwoon.ibighit.com

Source : Big Hit YT, @2AMKWON