Jo In Sung held his first fan meeting event since his military discharge with more than 600 fans in attendance on July 31st. As the main host of the show, Jo In Sung created a fun and engaging environment for the fans who waited over two years for his return. He also sang Lee Moon Sae’s “I’m a Happy Man” and shared his experience of serving the Korean military, as well as a brief Q&A session during the two hour event. There was also a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate his birthday which was on July 28th.

“I’m soon going to start filming for my new movie, ‘Kwon Bup (The Art of Fighting).’ You’ll find a brighter side of me in this movie. I picked this one because I wanted to play a brighter and cuter character, so I hope you show more support. Thank you for showing up in the pouring rain. I hope to have another one of these events soon with you all. I’ll continue to work hard and become a better actor in the future so please look forward to it,” Jo In Sung said at the end of the fanmeet.

After completing his 25-month military service, Jo In Sung was officially discharged on May 4th. He is expected to start shooting his new film “Kwon Bup (The Art of Fighting)” in late September.