Actor Jo In Sung has no time to rest after his military discharge. Shortly after returning from the military, the charming actor began filming for his new movie project “Kwon Bob.” Recently, the actor also finished the shooting for the prestigious magazine “1st Look.

Jo In Sung’s main activities consist of movies and he is not regularly seen in other activities, although he has appeared on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” a few times. However, these editorials show a whole other side of the actor. The theme is based on grotesque features and Jo In Sung manages to express this theme with his masculinity. He especially knows how to control the fierce look in his eyes, which gained much appraisal from the editorial staff members, who complimented him by saying, “Yes, this is Jo In Sung!”

Like a professional model, he knows how to embody the main concept of the editorial while bringing the best out of the clothing he is wearing.

When asked about the popular variety program “Infinity Challenge”, the actor replied, “I have always been a fan of ‘Infinity Challenge.’ You can really notice how hard working they all are. It is incredible how they have managed to transform the concept of this variety program into a huge public interest. If I had known that there was a delay with the filming of ‘Kwon Bob’, I would definitely have participated in the rowing tournament.”

The interview and editorials will be released in the next issue of “1st Look,” which will be available from March 1.