Jo In Sung will be the first guest on SBS’s upcoming talk show the “Go Hyun Jung Show.” Since Jo In Sung recently signed a contract with Go Hyun Jung‘s agency I-OK Company and the two are known to be good friends, people already expected him to make a guest appearance on the show.

In 2005, Go Hyun Jung and Jo In Sun starred in SBS “Spring Days” and have been good friends since then. Go Hyun Jung has talked about her close relationship with Jo In Sung on many different TV and radio shows. In 2008, she talked about what a great person Jo In Sung is and said, “I sometimes jokingly tell him that I love him and ask him to marry me” on MBC radio “Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night.” Also, on another radio show, she provoked Jo In Sung fans’ jealousy by stating, “I want to date Chun Jung Myung, and marry Jo In Sung.” She was also spotted enjoying private tea time with Jo In Sung right before he was enlisted to the military and their nature of relationship was under speculation. 

Due to such close friendship between the two, many fans and industry officials are eager to see what kind of stories Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung have together to talk about on the show. An official from “Go Hyun Jung Show” mentioned, “Go Hyun Jung was so nervous to have her own show. Now that she knows her good friend Jo In Sung will be her first guest, she is relieved and very happy.

Since Go Hyun Jung is very frank in talking about anything, fans will be able to hear about the true nature of her relationship with Jo In Sung, interesting episodes, and many other stories.” This official also mentioned that there will be two to three more guests other than Jo In Sung, but did not mention the names. These secret guests are also known to be Go Hyun Jung’s good friends. 

The filming of the first episode will take place at SBS Open Studio on March 24 and “Go Hyun Jung Show” will air on March 6 at 11:05pm KST.