Actor Jo In Sung has appeared on Kim C’s music video for his new track, “Love.”

Jo In Sung has shown a completely different side of him on set for the “Love” music video.

Jo In Sung’s agreement to appear in Kim C’s music video stemmed from their close friendship. Kim C received a lot of love in the past for his activities in the group, Hot Potato. When Kim C announced that he would be releasing a solo album, Jo In Sung agreed to appear in his music video. Kim C and Jo In Sung are close, long-time friends that Kim C even calls Jo In Sung “jjo da” (meaning, “stupid”) as a nickname.

In contrast to many of the recent music videos, the music video for “Love” has a very mellow and calm atmosphere. There are various scenes where Kim C asks Jo In Sung some personal questions and Jo In Sung replies with a serious face expression. They were like scenes that you can find in movies or dramas.

Because the questions were very personal, the music video set was tightly regulated and did not allow for many people to be on it. This was Kim C’s consideration for Jo In Sung to allow him to focus on his acting.

The “Love” music video will only contain shots of Jo In Sung’s emotional facial expressions and various scenes of nature. The music video will be released on April 4.