Due to weather conditions in the Himalayas Jo In Sung was trapped in the mountains for two days. Thankfully, it is being reported that his health is fine.

On July 29th a representative of Sidus HQ stated, “Jo In Sung went to the Himalayas in order to film a CF for ‘Black Yak’ but he was trapped in the mountains because of weather conditions with staff for two days. Thankfully Jo In Sung doesn’t have any health issues and he is currently walking down to an area two hours away where a helicopter can be landed.”

Jo In Sung was originally planning to return to South Korea on July 27th but because of the weather conditions his return was delayed.

As long as Jo In Sung continues to show no signs of health problems, he will continue on with his fan meeting in Osaka and Tokyo, respectively on August 4th and August 6th.

Jo In Sung was also chosen as a model for Amore Pacific Hera alongside Shin Min Ah. Jo In Sung will begin to represent the brand beginning from August.