Actor Jo In Sung‘s stalker fan ‘A’ who was arrested after breaking into his house has allegedly also shown up multiple times on his sets.

SBS‘ entertainment news show “Late Night TV Entertainment” reported on the story of the sasaeng fan that broke into Jo In Sung’s home on September 30. They reported that the fan has shown up multiple times to the office of the actor’s agency, and that the employees were all aware of her due to her frequent visits. They also added that she has shown up several times on sets.

According to the police, ‘A,’ who is a Chinese citizen, knocked on the door of Jo In Sung’s house after seeing the actor enter. When Jo In Sung’s younger sibling opened the door, she forced her way in and caused a scene.

A lawyer interviewed by “Late Night TV Entertainment” commented that she could be charged for housebreaking, and despite her Chinese nationality, she could still be prosecuted for her actions in Korea.

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