Fans have seen him as a singer, a host and an entertainer, but 2AM leader Jo Kwon shows a new side of himself in recently revealed photos. Local news agencies picked up on a series of pictures that circulated in online community boards. In the pictures, Jo Kwon is shown in his life as a normal student.

Titled “The Common College Student, My Senior Jo Kwon,” a fellow student posted the series of photos of Jo Kwon taken in school. The idol is seen sitting in class, participating in discussions, getting snacks at the cafeteria and indulging in group photos with fellow students.

It was noted that Jo Kwon attends school diligently, and is known among students for being a top student.

Netizens who have seen the pictures commented with “Surprising, Jo Kwon as a normal student,” “I want to have snacks with the schoolboy Jo Kwon,” and some such reactions.

Jo Kwon currently attends Kyunghee University, in the post-modern music department.