The male group 2AM‘s Jo Kwon confessed that Wonder GirlsSohee came to him to consult about her concerns.

On June 22, Jo Kwon made an appearance on SBS “GoShow,” and confessed his experiences on consultations he had with people in JYP Entertainment. He said, “I’m like the consultant for the JYP Entertainment.”

Jo Kwon also confessed, “Even JYP himself came to me to talk about his concerns. He asked me, ‘Do I seem like a monster? Am I being too cold?’ back when he was a judge on SBS ‘K-Pop Star,’” and “I answered, ‘You were a bit too much.’”

Then he continued, “Sohee from Wonder Girls came to me crying and talked about her concerns. She belittled herself by saying that she can’t sing or dance.”

So Jo Kwon said, “I told Sohee, ‘Hey, even I do it, if you just work hard you will be fine,’ and tried to comfort her.”

On another topic, Jo Kwon confessed, “I have no experiences on dating.” This shocked the whole studio. Then he added, “Because I don’t have any experiences I’m not romantic, but I think I could be romantic once I start dating and get some experiences.” It turns out that Jo Kwon’s parents were very romantic when they were dating.

Meanwhile, Kim Eung Soo, Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Kyung Shil and Jo Kwon made appearances on the “GoShow,” on June 22.