On the April 18 broadcast of KBS’s game show “1 vs. 100,” MC Jo Chung Hyun asked Jo Kwon about his female transformations for Mnet’s “Golden Tambourine.”

“I had the opportunity to transform myself for performances on ‘Golden Tambourine.’ Many people who saw my performances asked, ‘Who’s that girl?’ but when they learned that it was me, they reacted pretty negatively,” Jo Kwon said with a laugh.

He continued, “I transformed into Beyoncé and SISTAR for my performances. The process took an hour and a half each time and I then understood why female artists go to get their hair and makeup done so early.”

The MC then asked how people around Jo Kwon reacted to his performances, to which the singer responded, “My mother said, ‘You don’t seem like the child that I gave birth to.’ She often texts me, ‘Daughter, what are you up to?’” which caused the studio to erupt in laughter.

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