Park Jin Young has quite a reputation among the JYP family!

JYP-signed singer Jo Kwon appeared as a contestant on the April 18 episode of the KBS game show “1 Vs. 100,” where he cracked jokes about the JYP Entertainment founder’s penchant for nagging.

It all began when MC Jo Choong Hyun asked Jo Kwon if he tended to nag the younger artists in his label.

“The one who nags the most is Park Jin Young. He monitors almost every one of our television appearances with a pen and paper,” Jo Kwon revealed. “He will make comments like, ‘Today when you were singing, you didn’t use enough air.’ He fills up an entire A4-size piece of paper.”

MC Jo Choong Hyun then asked Jo Kwon to share what kind of advice he gives to the younger JYP artists who ask him for help. The singer responded that while it tends to differ, the questions he receives are almost always regarding dating or preparing for debut.

“To be honest, I personally don’t believe you should go public with your relationships,” he commented. “I usually suggest that they date as secretly as possible. I suggested having dates at home or in your own private spaces.”

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