Jo Kwon shared some thoughts about his fresh start and new family at Cube Entertainment.

Jo Kwon held a V Live broadcast on December 28, where he touched on his upcoming January comeback.

During the broadcast, Jo Kwon shared, “I have a deep relationship with Cube Entertainment. When I debuted with ‘This Song,’ my exclusive contract was with JYP, but my management was under Cube. You could say I am a child of both JYP and Cube. Cube’s president took care of 2AM so much to the point where you could say he allowed us to debut. I feel good because I am able to make a fresh start.”

Jo Kwon mentioned his Cube labelmates, saying, “After first signing with Cube, I went to tour the company and I met BTOB in the practice room. It was nice because they welcomed me. I also see HyunA almost every day. If I’m practicing in the practice room, HyunA is also practicing in the room next door.”

Jo Kwon also candidly discussed his thoughts on his comeback, revealing, “I do have ambitions regarding the ranking because it’s a solo album, but there are a lot of comebacks in January. It would be nice if I could let a lot of the public know that I released an album. My biggest wish is that everyone will like it. Look forward to the music video as well, there is a surprise waiting.”

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