2AM‘s Jo Kwon revealed a proof shot of his late night munchies on twitter. On August 2, Jo Kwon wrote on twitter, “To cool down watching the Olympics. And because I’m hungry…eating ddukbokki, soondae, assorted fried foods, strawberry-flavored snow cone, and ice cream in the car” and posted a couple of pictures of himself and the food.

The revealed picture shows Jo Kwon sitting in front of several take-out dishes, putting a bite of something in his mouth as his eyes are fixed on the Olympics game going on. The word “inhaling” might be the only appropriate term to describe his consumption of food shown in the picture.

Netizens commented on Jo Kwon’s late night munching, “Look at him devouring the food,” “How come he doesn’t seem to gain any weight when he eats like that?” and “I’m salivating just by looking at these pictures.”