Singer Jo Sung Mo spilled details about the newlywed life with his wife.

On the MBC program “World Changing Quiz” that aired on March 3, Jo Sung Mo reflected back on his year-long marriage and said, “It’s nice to make appearances now as a married man.”

Park Mi Sun asked, “Last time you came on our show, you mentioned that you would like to have a morning coffee and toast with your wife as you enjoy the sunrise together.  Have you realized this wish?”  Jo Sung Mo laughed and replied, “At first, we did a little bit of that.  But, now I leave for work on an empty stomach. There are even times when I just eat ramen.”

When asked when he thinks his wife is the most beautiful, he answered, “She looks pretty when she is asleep.”  The female hosts were very curious as to why men always seem to find women to be prettiest when they are asleep, but Kim Gura answered for him with a quick remark, “It’s because their mouths stay closed.”