John Park revealed that he was familiar with calling his girlfriend “baby.”

He was featured in the July 15 broadcast of SBS Power FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” promoting his new album “Inner Child.” He had received much praise for the self-composed songs in his album.

“It feels good to have so many people like this album,” he confessed. “I was praised for creating really good melodies for my first attempt. They even told me to produce my next album all on my own.”

The program came around to a discussion over his title song, “Baby.” He was asked if he ever addressed his girlfriend “baby” back in the United States. He responded that he’s done it.

“’Baby’ is a common nickname in the States,” he added. “It’s much too embarrassing to hear it in Korea, but it’s like saying ‘Jagiya’ (Honey). It doesn’t sound awkward at all.”