John Park will release a new digital single “Child,” written by Lee Juk. “Child” is of traditional ballad genre garnished with refined song-editting and John Park’s earnest vocal. Lee Juk played the piano himself for this song. Originally, “Child” was supposed to be a part of John Park’s upcoming album, but will be released prematurely on October 22 as a part of collaboration work with film “The Werewolf Boy.” 

A representative from “The Werewolf Boy” monitored John Park’s “Child” and suggested this collaboration. John Park accepted the deal as the song goes very well with beautiful cinematography of the film. “Child” accentuates John Park’s bluesy voice. Music critics praise his natural emotional flow ranging from extreme sensitivity to dramatic explosiveness well dissolved in the song. 

John Park made his official debut with his first EP album “Knock” back in February. His title song “Falling” immediately gained popularity after its release, allowing John Park to become one of the notable rookies of the year.