Ga In and Jo Kwon of “Petit” couple were recently chosen as the virtual couple that would most likely have a happy official marriage. 

NB, a marriage information company, held a survey from August 23rd to September 6th titled “The couple that will be the happiest in a real marriage…?”, with 769 participants. A staggering 51.7% (398 votes) answered Jo Kwon and Ga In, placing the two on the number one spot.

Seohyun and Yonghwa of the “Sweet Potato/YongSeo” couple followed at 24.5% (189 votes), and Nickhun and Victoria of “Khuntoria” Couple came in third at 20.4% (157 votes).

A representative of NB elaborated on the survey and stated, “‘We Got Married’ extends the importance of family and happy marriages. Jo Kwon And Ga In accept and care for each other exactly the way they are, and as a result, the public seems to have come to love the two as a couple.”

Aside from “We Got Married”, this couple is also famous for its philanthropic deeds. On February 11th of this year, in order to help those in need in third world countries, the two donated 5,000,000 won ($50,000) through MBC’s “News Desk”. The couple also released the song “We Fell In Love” together last year, and donated all profits to aid victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Credit: NATE