The ultra-flexible Jolin Tsai is back with a new music video for “Butterflies In My Stomach (Qi Shang Ba Xia) (七上八下)” off from her album “Myself”. In contrast to her recent MVs, she returns with a colorful yet sexy image that is sure to become a hot topic again.

One of the outfits features Jolin in a bra-top that shows off her perfectly flat stomach. Although her famous G-cup is missing, there is still plenty of eye-candy for her die-hard fans. She also filmed in two other outfits including a more “conservative” one that has the sides of her top cut off.


Although Jolin’s album has been topping the charts since its release, it  hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride for her. She was first criticized for channeling Buzz Lightyear in the early promotional photos, and then her flashy fringe jacket in the “Honey Trap” MV was compared to Paul the Octopus, followed by a not-so-original video that blurred out her body in “Love Player”.