Updated December 21 KST:

Jonghyun’s radio show “Blue Night” has announced that they have made the decision not to broadcast a memorial special.

A representative from MBC Radio stated, “After discussing with experts, we have made the decision to cancel the broadcast, in consideration of social effects caused by the rebroadcast of [Jonghyun’s] voice.”

Original Article:

Jonghyun’s longtime radio show “Blue Night” will be holding a special memorial broadcast.

On December 20, MBC radio uploaded on its homepage, “‘Blue Night with Jonghyun, Record of 1055 days’ will air on [December] 21, Thursday night 12 to 2 a.m. [KST].” The show will also be accepting stories about Jonghyun from listeners as well.

Jonghyun was active as a DJ for his “Blue Night” radio show for three years from February 3, 2014 until this past April. Despite his busy schedule, Jonghyun was dedicated to his radio show and communicated with listeners in a sincere voice. On the last broadcast this past April 2, Jonghyun even wore a blue suit to commemorate the occasion, showing his affection for his radio show.

“Blue Night” has thus prepared a special memorial broadcast to look back on the 1055 days spent with Jonghyun. The staff shared through the radio’s homepage, “We will remember the time Jonghyun spent with ‘Blue Night.’”

The “Blue Night” memorial broadcast for Jonghyun will air on December 21.

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