Actor Joo Ji Hoon won “This Year’s Star” Award at the 5th Daegu Musical Awards held on July 11th.  Currently serving in the military, Joo Ji Hoon was chosen the year’s most popular musical actor for his work in the “Voyage of Life,” a production of the Ministry of National Defense in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.  

“Voyage of Life” also starred Lee Jun Ki (“The Time Between Dog and Wolf,” “Iljimae”), who is also currently in military service.

Well-known personalities in musicales and theater attended the awards ceremony, including Song Chang Ui, most recently starring in the MBC youth melodrama “Heartstrings.” 

“Voyage of Life” is Joo Ji Hoon’s sophomore foray in musical theater, having portrayed the titular character in a 2009 Korean production of “Don Juan.”  The former model also worked in film, 2008’s “The Naked Kitchen” and “Antique Bakery,” and on television, 2007’s “The Devil.”  His role as the Crown Prince Lee Shin in 2006’s “Goong,” also his acting debut, was his breakthrough role.