Joo Won and Ha Yeon Joo showed off how well they could match as the pair modeled their couple attire. A recently released photo showed the two actors holding hands while wearing different colored jackets. Preparing for the spring weather, Joo Won and Ha Yeon Joo were shown wearing unique bright colors.

Modeling for EDWIN‘s 2014 spring collection, Joo Won and Ha Yeon Joo’s light weight jackets seemed perfect for the upcoming warm weather. As Joowon’s red and black look contrasted to Ha Yeon Joo’s yellow and green concept, the two actors were able to capture the couple concept throughout the photoshoot. The comfortable pose and expressions of the two actors seemed to foreshadow the soon to arrive beautiful spring weather.

Joo Won’s and Ha Yeon Joo’s photo perfectly grasped the appeal towards couple outfits for the upcoming season.