It was revealed that the actor Joo Won lost seven kilograms (approx. 15.4 pounds) in weight since the beginning of the filming for the drama “Yong Pal.” According to an official related to the drama division, Joo Won’s weight loss is extremely noticeable.

This unintended weight loss comes from the intense filming schedule for the drama, as Joo Won appears in about 70 percent of the scenes from episode one to episode 10, which means he barely has any time to rest.

So far, Joo Won has been in the sewers, showed some amazing driving skills in a chasing scene involving cars, and jumped in the Han river from the top of a bridge, and all of these scenes have been done without a stunt double. His efforts resulted in scenes of comparable qualities to movies, but also resulted in his weight loss, as he had once gone for six days without sleeping.

His dedication has everyone admiring his professionalism, but we hope that he will also take care of himself as well!

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