KBS Drama “Gaksital” (directed by Yoo Hyun Mi, written by Yoon Sung Sik) has released their OST on August 29.

Not only did Joo Won participate in the album, but his song is “Gaksital’s” title song “Love and Love.” He was previously active as a musical actor and have proved his singing prowess through a duet with Lee Jung Hyun titled “Judgement Day.” He also received recognition and praise for his great variety show skills through “1 Night 2 Days” earning him the title of “multi-entertainer.”

This song is a collaboration between Gaksital’s music director Kang Dong Yoon (aka Ant) and composer Lee Gun Young. The impressive and sad lyrics include, “I’ll be your shadow so I can stay close behind you and live for you.” The song creates a very sad atmosphere by conveying the hurtful story where one will not forget each time “I love you” is said.

Other famous singers have taken part in the album. Ulala Session “Goodbye Day”, 4men “This Won’t Work”, Gavy NJ “When the Sun Sets,” Kim Yong Jin (aka Bohemian) “Her In My Arms,” etc.

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