While they previously denied that he would do so, Joo Won will be enlisting next month.

On April 13, the actor’s agency Huayi Brothers Entertainment stated, “While an official date has not yet been decided as he has not received a draft notice yet, he is planning to enlist in May. We will reveal the date [of his enlistment] as soon as he receives his draft notice.”

Earlier reports claimed that Joo Won will be entering the army on May 16.

Joo Won has chosen to enlist as an active duty soldier, although he passed the exam to be a conscripted policeman last March.

Meanwhile, the actor’s final production before enlistment, “My Sassy Girl,” a drama based on the popular 2001 film of the same name, is also set to air in May. It will be 100 percent pre-produced, therefore not conflict with Joo Won’s plan to enlist.

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