On August 26, on the KBS “Happy Sunday” program “1N2D,” the episode “Back to the Basic” part 2 was aired.  On this episode, the “1N2D” members receive a mission that to be able to go home, they must call family, friends, or acquaintances as protectors and go together to shoot all the way in Gangwando.

Joo Won goes to make a call, and some time later, a white car pulls up and a man comes out.  Joo Won’s protector is his older brother Moon Joon Suk.

Joo Won’s older brother Moon Joon Suk, who is presently 31 years old and a small business owner, caught everyone’s attention with his husky frame which is quite different from Joo Won’s build.   Joo Won called his older brother to be his protector because his brother exercises every morning.