Music producer Joo Young Hoon spoke about the “Big 3” Korean entertainment companies on the February 29 episode of MBCRadio Star.” The “Big 3” of course represent SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. He talked about the characteristics of each company. Initially when he was asked about the differences, he humbly answered, “I can’t keep up with them, so, I can’t compare them.”

He did, however give a short reply about all three companies. “For YG Entertainment, what I envy is the sense of family that lasts a lifetime, from people like Jinusean and groups like 1TYM. Yang Hyun Suk is also a friend, and the sense of family is something that I like.” For SM Entertainment, he said, “SM is filled with talent. Whenever a new singer debuts, I wonder where they were able to find that person.” To this, MC Gyu Hyun replied, “I want to know how they are found. They’re hidden so they can’t be found.” His response got a lot of laughs.

Finally, for JYP he said that, “The JYP training period is long. But because of that, it’s thorough and the singers are well educated when they debut.” What are your thoughts on the “Big 3?”