A few moments ago, lead actor Jang Dong Yoon of SBS‘s Joseon Exorcist delivered a personal apology to viewers through his agency, Dongyi Company. He wished to address the controversy that led to the show’s cancellation and apologize.

This is his full statement:

I spent a lot of time reflecting. Even though I may not be able to satisfy all those who were frustrated with me, I am writing this in the hopes that I can at least deliver my sincere response to all who were waiting to hear from me, as a lead of Joseon Exorcist.

I have no room for excuses. I am just sincerely apologetic. I did not adequately assess how problematic this production would be due to me being foolish and lazy. I only considered the production from the limited perspective of an actor looking at a creative piece. I completely overlooked the perspective from the lens of society. It was a major mistake. I thought that I had no reason to turn this production down because it was a chance for me to work with a respected director and many actors and actresses whom I respected. With my limited view of the choices given to me, I thought that it was the best option. Once again, all of this was due to my carelessness.

I have always lived trying to cultivate myself to the best of my abilities, believing that if you live morally and don’t make immoral mistakes, you can live with your head held high. Despite this, I became professionally wrapped up in a shameful incident and I am reflecting on myself for these recent events. I know that my profession is tightly bound in the public’s love and acceptance. Thus, even if you read my letter and perceive it as only excuses, I will accept it with modesty.

I did not intend for this letter to be a portal for my personal feelings and emotions, but that I would be able to show my sincerity. It has become emotional and I apologize for that. If you will generously accept this apology, I would like to take away the important lessons from this incident in my heart and show you a better, more mature side of me as an actor in the future.

—Jang Dong Yoon

Jang Dong Yoon was originally cast as the young Prince Chungnyeong (the future King Sejong) however, all production and distribution of the series have been canceled.