JTBC is on a roll!

The network’s new drama “Man to Man,” which took over the time slot that was previously occupied by JTBC’s explosively popular “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” has surpassed its predecessor in viewer ratings for its first episode.

“Man to Man” aired its first episode on Friday, April 21 and recorded an average viewer rating of 4.055% nationwide. Previously, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” recorded an unprecedented viewer rating of 3.829% for its first episode and, by surpassing this percentage, “Man to Man” has recorded the highest viewer rating for a first drama episode ever for JTBC.

Some are attributing the success of the first episode of “Man to Man” to actor Park Hae Jin, who plays the lead role of undercover agent Kim Sul Woo. The refreshingly unique narrative, the compelling characters, and impressive action scenes have drawn viewers into the spy drama that isn’t really a spy drama.

Meanwhile, actor Park Hae Jin recently talked about how his role in “Man to Man” stands out from his other roles and his co-star actor Park Sung Woong joked about having too many lines in “Man to Man.”

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