On February 21, MBC aired the female soldier special of “Real Men” featuring actresses Kim Sung Eun, Gong Hyun Joo, and Lee Chae Young, comedian Kim Young HeeFIESTAR‘s Cao LuTWICE‘s DahyunSecret‘s Jun Hyosung, and After School‘s Nana.

When the girls were entering the army training center, some of them had fans waiting outside the entrance. Jun Hyosung had two devoted fans that waited outside the snowy whether since five at dawn, just for the opportunity to cheer her on with chicken and handwritten letters.

When Jun Hyosung brought the chicken into the camp, an instructor who uncovered it let out a long sigh. She explained, “My fans gave it to me.” The army instructor then angrily scolded her by saying, “Are you out of your mind?”

jun hyosung

Following the broadcast, Jun Hyosung posted on her Instagram to explain her feelings and to clear up any misunderstanding. She wrote, “I’m writing this because I am upset. It was a chicken given by fans who really cared about me with good heart and worried that I might be hungry. Due to the unexpected snow, I arrived 10 minutes before my enlistment time, so it was a situation where I had to go in a hurry. Therefore the situation was not scripted, sponsored, or created by anti-fans. During that day’s cold weather, I was very thankful. Please restrain from saying bad things and enjoy the broadcast. Thank you.”

jun hyosung instagram

You can watch the girls entering the army training center on “Real Men” below!

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