On March 28, the second pleading was held for Jun Hyosung’s lawsuit against TS Entertainment to confirm the invalidity of her exclusive contract with the agency.

During the pleading, Jun Hyosung’s legal representative said that the last payment she received was 6 million won (approximately $5580) in 2015, and she has not been paid since then.

The representative stated, “Jun Hyosung did not receive proper payments even though she worked,” and added, “The defendant is refusing to submit detailed evidence data with the reasoning that it is confidential.”

TS Entertainment insisted that there were no problems with payments. Their legal representative submitted a CCTV video of an information session on their payments and commented, “The payment breakdown has been explained sufficiently.”

Currently, Jun Hyosung’s side is sticking to the position of terminating her contract with TS Entertainment even if it means giving up on the payments she has not received.

TS Entertainment’s stance is that it is not possible to terminate her contract as it still remains valid until 2021.

An additional pleading has been scheduled for May 2.

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