Recently it was reported that actress Jun Ji Hyun had purchased a piece of real estate worth 32.5 billion won (about $28.5 million).

The purchase took place in the Samsung neighborhood in the Gangnam district of Seoul and if the reports are true, it would put Jun Ji Hyun in the Top 5 among Korean celebrities with real estate holdings.

The sale apparently took place on March 17 under the actress’s birth name, Wang Ji Hyun. The sale was a transfer of all the shareholder’s chapters, which means Jun Ji Hyun also owns the building currently operating as a restaurant that stands on the 628.2 m² (about 751.3 square yards) of land. The building, which was expanded in February, has a total of 1040.95 m² of space including the basement level and three above-ground levels.

Standing opposite COEX and the Intercontinental Hotel, it is only a 7-minute walk from subway line 9 and Bongeunsa Station, making it a prime location in Gangnam.

Currently the Korean celebrities wealthiest in real estate holdings are SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man, legendary musician Seo Taiji, and YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk. Including the SM Entertainment buildings, Lee Soo Man’s real estate holdings (as of July 2014) reportedly amount to 60 billion won in Korea and over 10 billion won overseas, making him the wealthiest real estate holder among Korean celebrities.

Jun Ji Hyun has also previously bought buildings worth over 20 billion won in the Gangnam district and the Yongsan district. This new purchase over 30 billion won might be enough to put her in competition among other wealthy celebrity real estate holders in the Top 5 such as Rain and Kwon Sang Woo.

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