Actress Jun Ji Hyun will be taking on the first dual role of her acting career with upcoming film “Assassination,” which is quickly becoming one the most anticipated blockbusters of this summer.

In the movie, Jun Ji Hyun will play sniper Ok Yoon, a passionate assassin fighting for Korea’s independence in the 1930s.

Without revealing too much of the plotline, a member of “Assassination’s” production team commented on June 9, “While covertly carrying out her mission, [Ok Yoon] encounters at her target’s home a woman who looks exactly like her. And that woman turns out to be her identical twin.”

Another staff member revealed, “Jun Ji Hyun agonized over taking on the identical twin role, but she was fascinated every time she checked the monitor on set.”

For “Assassination,” Jun Ji Hyun has reunited with director Choi Dong Hoon and actor Lee Jung Jae from “The Thieves” (2012). Ha Jung Woo and Jo Jin Woong are also among the A-list cast.

Meanwhile, the press conference for “Assassination,” which was scheduled for June 10, was recently cancelled due to concerns about the spread of MERS and is expected to be rescheduled for a later date.

Are you looking forward to seeing Jun Ji Hyun act out the dual roles of identical twins?

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