Following the messages of fellow former 4Minute members Nam Jihyun and Kwon Sohyun, Jeon Jiyoon has also taken to social media to express her feelings to her fans.

On June 18, Jeon Jiyoon posted the handwritten message to her Instagram account. In it, she wrote, “It’s already been seven years that I’ve been a part of 4Minute… I was really happy thanks to all of you… I’m sorry that we weren’t able to finish beautifully, but I will repay everyone… Because I absolutely cannot forget. Please stay by our side for a long, long time, like the unchanging blue sky. I love you! Thank you very much!”

Jiyoon wrote the letter in the format of an acrostic poem, and the characters down the left side of the letter read, “I miss you, 4NIA.”

4Minute and their former agency Cube Entertainment announced their disbandment on June 16, just two days shy of the group’s seventh anniversary. Only HyunA chose to renew her contract with Cube, while the remaining members chose to move on to different agencies.

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