On December 13, 2PM’s Jun.K held a V Live session, “Chatting Time With Jun.K,” where he talked about his fellow members.

The singer first commented, “As I began working, I could have met a lot of different people, but I’m so glad I got to meet such warm friends.” He then continued, “The members are really kind. Among them, I used to be the least nice, but because of them I think I got kinder.”

Jun.K was then asked if the 2PM members ever fought, to which he answered, “We made a rule so that we wouldn’t fight.” He explained, “We have six members, and so we made a rule where if one of us is upset about something, he will go directly to the person involved or we all meet together to talk about it. We made it so that we wouldn’t talk about the other members behind their backs, and created an atmosphere where we couldn’t do so. I think this is the secret to working and living together.”

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