On December 20, Park Geun Hyung, Jin Goo, Kim Sung Kyun, Go Jun Hee, and Apink’s Jung Eun Ji attended a press conference for JTBC drama “Untouchable.”

At the event, Jung Eun Ji was asked about the recent passing of SHINee’s Jonghyun.

She replied, “I was hoping it was a false report. I was not close friends with Jonghyun sunbaenim, but tears were falling as I read the article.”

She continued, “What is scarier is that my colleagues and friends identify a lot with his final letter that was revealed yesterday. Seeing my colleagues who say they identify with the feeling of depression and that emotion gnawing away at them, I was scared as I thought, ‘What if?’”

“I may not be able to express the emotions as much as his family or members, but I think many of my colleagues will feel the same way as me. I hope that the idol and entertainment industry will grow to encourage physical and mental health so that something like this doesn’t happen again,” Jung Eun Ji concluded.

Park Geun Hyung also expressed his sadness as he shared, “I also had such thoughts when I was young. I had a similar experience.” He added, “I hope something like this doesn’t happen again and that it will become an era where we can express freely and be free individuals while taking time for ourselves.”

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