Jung Hae In and Kim Go Eun may be two of the most successful actors in the Korean entertainment industry today, but these two had to work a lot of part-time jobs before they got their footing as actors!

jung hae in kim go eun part time job 5


Jung Hae In made his first screen debut when he joined FNC Entertainment and featured in AOA BLACK’s “Moya” music video back in 2013. His career was just a straight arrow to the top from there!


But before that happened, he revealed that he worked at a clothing store to make ends meet! He revealed the worst part about his job was organizing the clothes after people who were looking for sizes.

jung hae in kim go eun part time job 1

I worked at a clothing store once. You know when you pick your sizes? It’s very difficult to organize the clothes back afterward.

I used to have a hard time finding sizes for people in the beginning.

— Jung Hae In


Kim Go Eun’s acting career has been stellar since the beginning when she won the Best New Actress award for her first project, “A Muse”, back in 2012.


But before she found success as an actor, she worked multiple different part-time jobs!

jung hae in kim go eun part time job 2

I used to be a server at a soba restaurant. I also worked as a recorder for the city hall. I worked as a fitting model before, and I worked at a cafe before too.

Someone once told me to become a celebrity while I was working at the soba restaurant.

— Kim Go Eun


But now the two won’t need to worry about clocking in for their hourly pay since they’ve become top celebrity actors who are loved by the world!

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