Jung Hae In recently sat down for an interview where he revealed that people don’t recognize him much in public! He claimed that with just an added accessory of a hat, he is nearly unrecognizable.

jung haein public 1


He claims that when he goes out to eat, people don’t recognize him as Jung Hae In. They only think he looks similar to himself. He claimed that it was was because he doesn’t have “bold facial features“, but…

Maybe it’s because I don’t have bold facial features, but people don’t recognize me well in public if I wear a hat.

I went to a restaurant with my parents recently, and someone told me, ‘You look similar to Jung Hae In.’ I replied, ‘I hear that a lot.’

When I went out to eat with the Spring Night staff, the employees looked at me and didn’t really recognize me either.

— Jung Hae In


C’mon! This face?!

jung haein public 3


You think this face is a common face without bold features?!

jung haein public 2


You think if this face came walking down the street with a simple hat on people won’t stop in place and cause a traffic jam?

jung haein public 7


Jung Hae In must be deeply mistaken because his visuals shine bright even underneath the darkest of hats!

jung haein hat

jung haein public 6


But if that’s what this visual prince would like to believe, then we’ll leave it at that.

jung hae in hat public


(But clearly fans were just respecting his space because this visual legend can be spotted from outer space!????)

jung haein public 5