On April 26, an exclusive report from news outlet MBN claimed that Jung Hye Sung and B1A4’s Gongchan are dating.

Their inside source said, “The fact that they’re dating is top secret. I was completely shocked to find out it was Gongchan instead of Gong Myung.”

The source further revealed that the pair likes to have dates in cars or at their homes to avoid the eyes of others in addition to spending time with other B1A4 members.

However, the agencies of both stars have strongly denied the dating news.

A source from Gongchan’s agency, WM Entertainment, said, “It’s not true that he’s dating Jung Hye Sung. He was shocked at the reports.” The source continued, “It’s true that Jung Hye Sung and Gongchan know each other, but there’s nothing to show that they are dating. We are very taken aback.”

A source from Jung Hye Sung’s agency, FNC Entertainment, similarly stated, “It makes absolutely no sense. It’s not true that she’s dating Gongchan.”

The initial report sparked criticism of “We Got Married” and its authenticity as Jung Hye Sung is currently virtually married to Gong Myung on the show.

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