Jung Hye Sung certainly knows how to play with Gong Myung’s heart!

On the April 22 broadcast of “We Got Married,” Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung spent their first night together in Jeju Island.

During the show, they each prepared a sweet event for one another. First, Jung Hye Sung sang a song for him while playing the guitar. Later, the two enjoyed some time in the pool playing various games.

When they returned to their room, Gong Myung made his wife run an errand and began preparing a surprise event for her. He decorated the bed and hall with rose petals, candles, and balloons, and planned to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers.

When Jung Hye Sung came back into the room, she smiled seeing the decorations and playfully said, “I wonder where he is~” and added, “I’m not going to search [for you].”

Then Jung Hye Sung sent Gong Myung a text message that said, “I’ll look for you if you say, ‘Find me, noona.’” After reading it, Gong Myung actually did as he was instructed, which made many viewers smile along.

After the event, Jung Hye Sung read a heartfelt letter from Gong Myung and became teary with happiness.

Watch the latest episode of “We Got Married” below!

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