Jung Hyung Don, Jeong Sewoon, and MOMOLAND’s JooE will be uniting to host a new variety show together.

Upcoming JTBC variety show “I’ve Fallen For You” (literal translation) will be airing early May, and will be an observational variety show that follows the sweet, real love lives of teenagers. Through the show, viewers will be able to experience “video confessions” that have been trending on social media. The show will follow a teenage female student as she goes on a date with a male friend. Afterwards, the emcees and panelists will try to guess if they like each other or not.

Jung Hyung Don is known for his ability to connect with teenagers, while MOMOLAND’s JooE has proven her variety star potential and was a teenager not too long ago. Jeong Sewoon is expected to be a dark horse, as it is his first emcee position for a variety show.

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