Jung Il Woo posed for the August issue of “The Celebrity,” a creative lifestyle magazine. He displayed a different kind of charm in the magazine’s pages and also imparted a strong, yet surreal and dreamlike impression during the photo shoot.

In his accompanying interview with “The Celebrity” Magazine, the experienced actor, who made his acting debut in 2006 with a role in daytime family sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick,” had mixed feelings over being one of the main characters in MBC‘s upcoming drama, “Night Watchman.”

“The second biggest life-changing chance for me would be this moment, the day before ‘Night Watchman’ begins filming.  I will make a good job of it for sure as I am a positive thinker,” Jung Il Woo said.  “I am nothing special outside of the filming site. I am a very quiet person when I am not involved with acting, so I value myself when I act after all,” he added.

 “Night Watchman” will be the next drama following “Triangle” and is set to begin airing on August 4.

Jung Il Woo 1

Jung Il Woo 2

Jung Il Woo 3