The cast of SBS’s upcoming historical drama “Haechi” recently gathered for their first script reading together.

“Haechi” is a fusion sageuk drama inspired by the myth of Haechi, a guardian of justice. It tells the story of a prince with a commoner mother who teams up with a ragtag band of people to stake his claim to the throne.

The first script reading took place at the SBS production center in Ilsan with Jung Il Woo, Kwon Yool, Go Ara, Park Hoon, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Kap Soo, Han Sang Jin, Lee Pil Mo, Nam Gi Ae, and more.

Director Lee Yong Seok discussed endlessly with the cast and worked hard to emphasize the strong traits of each character. He shared, “I think meeting writer Kim Yi Young and all of you is fate and a blessing. I will try to make a drama that can be remembered as a good piece over time.” Writer Kim Yi Young said, “Thank you for choosing to appear in such a long and arduous journey. Don’t just think that a historical drama is difficult and heavy. I hope you act like you’re playing a game of fun.”

Despite five hours of script reading, the actors showed shocking concentration and wondrous acting skills. Jung Il Woo, who has been cast as Prince Yeoning, perfectly immersed into his character and caught the attention with his detailed acting that was full of various emotions.

Kwon Yool has been cast in the role of Park Moon Soo, a passionate young man who seeks justice and believes that the top 1 percent in Joseon society should hold a sword only to defend the weak. The actor successfully transformed into the character who is strong and witty. On the other hand, Go Ara will take on the role of Yeo Ji, a brilliant inspector who fights against injustice, and she expressed her strong personality with a calm voice during the script reading.

Kim Kap Soo showed charisma by playing Sook Jong while Lee Kyung Young plays the perfect villain Min Jin Won. Park Hoon, Han Sang Jin, Lee Pil Mo, Nam Gi Ae, and other actors impressed their own parts well, adding strong support for the drama.“Haechi” is expected to premiere sometime in February 2019.

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