Actor Jung Il Woo recently appeared on MBC‘s Phone Cleansing where he confessed to having taken 70,000 photos over the last 10 years because of his amnesia.


Jung Il Woo not only takes a lot of photos, but he refuses to erase them, and he explained why on the show.

I was in a car accident in the past, so I suffer from partial memory loss.

— Jung Il Woo


Jung Il Woo confessed that he often forgets parts of the past, which is why he chooses to record the moments with his camera.

For example, I know who an acquaintance is, but I don’t remember where I met them.

— Jung Il Woo

When Jung Il Woo was involved in a car accident back in 2006, he suffered a cerebral aneurysm.

| @jilwww/Instagram

And he confessed that he had a very difficult time in his later life.

I had horrible migraines when filming ‘Golden Rainbow.’ I was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm. If my blood vessel expands and bursts, I’ll die. I don’t know when it’ll burst.

— Jung Il Woo


Jung Il Woo even had depression as a result.

I had severe depression, so I didn’t see anyone or even leave my house for a month.

— Jung Il Woo

| @jilwww/Instagram

Luckily, after crossing off walking the Camino de Santiago from his bucket list, his mindset about life changed.

I was anxious, which comes with this profession, but after that, I decided to enjoy my life in the present.

— Jung Il Woo


Here’s to wishing Jung Il Woo the best in his health and future endeavors.