It has been revealed that actor Jung Il Woo made a secret donation to a disabled missionary group in New York called, “Milal.”

Recently, Jung Il Woo had been deeply touched by the “American Idol” contestant, Han Hee Joon, who was said to have auditioned in order to spread awareness and collect donations for the “Milal” missionary group. Therefore, when Jung Il Woo was in New York for a photo shoot, he expressed that he wanted to make a donation to this missionary group.

During the very short time that he had a break from his photo shoot, he went to the “Milal” organization himself to help out and to spend a meaningful time. Jung Il Woo’s good-doing was only discovered after a source from the organization tweeted about it afterwards.

At the news of Jung Il Woo’s sudden visit, several local news agencies quickly rushed to the scene. News agencies will now be taking more interest in Jung Il Woo’s future volunteer and charity work.

According to sources from Jung Il Woo’s agency, Jung Il Woo took his short break to secretly volunteer without even telling his manager. At the time of Jung Il Woo’s departure to New York, there weren’t any plans made for volunteering or donating to charity. Therefore, when he visited the missionary organization, he gathered up all his cash he had at the moment and donated it all.

Meanwhile, after successfully ending the hit drama, “The Moon That Embraces The Sun,” Jung Il Woo is currently busy with various CFs and photo shoots.