Actor Jung Il Woo transformed into a hot multi-sport athlete in a recent photoshoot for fashion magazine Ceci. In this photospread which was shot under the concept of “Reality Bites,” the star was seen enjoying various sports such as kayaking and hiking while traveling Canada in order to find his true self.

In this sporty and vivid photospread, the actor exuded his mature, masculine beauty. He featured a flawless outdoor look while sporting North Face hoodies, cargo pants, light backpack, and hiking shoes.

Jung Il Woo, who finished a real road trip, claimed “I enjoy exercising and this time the photoshoot was more fun and energetic than usual because I got to learn kayaking and do various sports such as hiking and mountain climbing.”

Meanwhile, his trip to Canada was a collaboration project among the British Columbia Tourist Authority, MTV, Ceci, North Face, Samsung NX, and Fantagio and will be aired on MTV’s “One More Time” in mid-August.