On May 4, MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Partners for Justice” dropped some behind-the-scenes photos of the cast having fun.

“Partners for Justice” tells the story of a forensic doctor (Jung Jae Young) and a rookie prosecutor (Jung Yoo Mi) as they team up to solve crimes.

Despite the serious nature of the crime drama, the photos released by the production staff show a relaxed cast not afraid to joke and laugh between takes, even as they study the script and prepare their lines.

According to the crew, Jung Jae Young generates a comfortable atmosphere as soon as the cameras turn off, while Jung Yoo Mi is the “vitamin” of the cast and is always cheerful on-camera or off. Supporting cast members Lee Yi Kyung and Stephanie Lee are also full of smiles even during the long breaks between takes. Park Eun Suk, meanwhile, is a diligent student of the script.

The production staff stated, “The cast and crew works night and day filming in order to bring a high degree of perfection to the viewers. Right now, the actors are showing great teamwork as they work hard during filming and are always full of energy. Please look forward to seeing their chemistry and synergy in the future.”

“Partners for Justice” premieres on May 14 after the end of “Tempted” and will be available on Viki.

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