Jung Ryeo Won has been appointed as the promotional ambassador for the “With You” movement!

The “With You” campaign is a response to the “Me Too” movement that aims to support victims of sexual violence.

On March 27, the Korean Institution for Women’s Rights selected Jung Ryeo Won as their promotional ambassador. The actress previously starred in KBS drama “Witch’s Court,” where she portrayed prosecutor Ma Yi Deum. She gained a lot of support as her character solved cases while conveying the perspectives of sexual violence victims.

Jung Ryeo Won commented, “There are so many [sexual harassment and sexual violence] cases. The victims have tried to make this known in many different ways for a very long time, but society has overlooked them. The problem is that we don’t really recognize sexual crimes against women and children, as well as those within the hierarchies of organizations.”

The actress stressed the importance of legitimate punishment and emphasized that giving courage to victims would create the most change. She expressed the significance of testimonies, saying that only the victims’ courage would change society.

Jung Ryeo Won also shared her views that legitimate punishment is necessary to become a society where victims are comforted. She stated, “I hope that small voices will ring louder and change social awareness.”

She then talked about the “With You” campaign, saying, “I included the message, ‘For the eagles who cannot fly.’ I got the feeling that those who actually have the power to fly aren’t able to fly when they’re cornered at the edge of a cliff. Through this campaign and movement, I hope all of us will continue to learn until the day they can soar.”

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