Actress Jung Ryeo Won, who received a lot of love for her strong-willed, unapologetic character in KBS2’s “Witch’s Court,” recently sat down for an interview with Herald Pop, where she talked about her close friendship with Han Ye Seul.

She said, “I’m thinking about going on a trip with Ye Seul. She’s currently in Rome, so I thought I’d go there to meet her, but then she said she’s going to Thailand, so we’ll probably go somewhere together after the new year.” Expressing how thankful she is to her friend, Jung Ryeo Won said, “I’m really thinking of paying all of the vacation costs myself. She really prayed a lot for me.”

The actress recalled how easy it is for her to connect with Han Ye Seul: “Once, we just ran into each other at church, and just making eye contact with her made me tear up. It made me think that we really understand each other, even when we don’t say anything.”

Regarding her “Witch’s Court” co-star Yoon Hyun Min, Jung Ryeo Won said, “He’s so caring and thoughtful. He is just able to make everyone around him comfortable. Because he can do this with anyone, I think any actor who works with Yoon Hyun Min would be really happy.”

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